The hacksaw is a metal slicing machine device intended to cut metal by applying pneumatic weight.

The machine is solely proposed for large-scale manufacturing and they speak to secure and more proficient approach to cut a metal.

Hacksaws are utilized to cut thin and delicate metals. The activity of the unit is disentangled to a couple of basic tasks including a chamber square and cylinder plan.

There are various sorts of cutting machines in Engineering field, which are utilized to satisfy the necessities. We are intrigued to present a pneumatic framework in Hacksaw machine. The fundamental capacity of Pneumatic hacksaw is to cut thin and delicate metals by pneumatic power.



These days all the assembling procedure is being automated with a specific end goal to convey the items at a speedier rate. The assembling activity is being customized for the accompanying reasons.

 To accomplish large scale manufacturing

 To diminish labor

 To increment the productivity of the plant

 To diminish the work stack

 To diminish the generation cost

 To diminish the generation time

 To diminish the material taking care of

 To diminish the exhaustion of laborers

 To accomplish great item quality

 Less Maintenance


 The packed air from the blower achieves the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve alters the course of stream as per the signs from the planning gadget.

 The compacted air go through the solenoid valve and it is conceded into the front end of the chamber square. The air pushes the cylinder for the cutting stroke. Toward the finish of the cutting stroke air from the solenoid valve achieves the backside of the barrel square. The weight continues as before however the territory is less because of the nearness of cylinder pole. This applies more prominent weight on the cylinder, pushing it at a quicker rate in this way empowering speedier return stroke.

 The weight joined toward the finish of the hacksaw outline gives steady loads which bring down the hacksaw to empower ceaseless cutting of the work.

 The stroke length of the cylinder can be changed by making appropriate modification in the clock.


 There is no need of giving feed amid each slice because of the nearness of weight.

 The cutting pace can be shifted by our necessities by altering the clock.

 It is compact

 It does not have any Prime mover, similar to electric engine identified with the unit.

 As the air is unreservedly accessible, we can use the air to cut the metal and henceforth it is prudent.

 Simple in development than mechanical hacksaw

 It is a reduced one

 Less Maintenance


 Only littler size and delicate metal can be cut

 It is costlier than the mechanical hacksaw as a result of blower unit.

 Less productivity when packed to mechanical gadget.

 Leakage of air influences the working of the unit.


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