Extended Selective Encryption of H.264/AVC (CABAC)- and HEVC-Encoded Video Streams


This project proposes an expanded particular encryption (SE) technique for both H.264/propelled video coding (AVC) (CABAC) and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) streams, tending to the principle security issue that SE is confronting: content insurance, identified with the measure of data spillage through an ensured video. Our commitment is the change in the visual contortion actuated by SE approaches. Past takes a shot at both H.264/AVC (CABAC) and HEVC restrain encryption to containers treated by one particular method of CABAC-its detour mode-which has the upside of safeguarding the general bitrate, we propose here to likewise depend on the encryption of the more broadly utilized method of CABAC-its normal mode.

This permits encryption of a noteworthy codeword for video recreation, the expectation modes for intra squares/units. Aggravating their insights may cause bitrate overhead, which is the tradeoff for enhancing the substance security level of the SE approach. A far reaching investigation of this trade off between the change in the scrambling effectiveness and the unfortunate delayed consequences is introduced in this paper, and a particular security examination of the proposed CABAC consistent mode encryption is directed.

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