Anti-theft application for android based devices


This project introduces a system to enhance against robbery for android based cell phones by utilizing distinctive administrations like MMS rather than SMS. As the utilization of cell phones, tablets, phablets in light of android working framework is expanding, numerous situations related with hostile to robbery have just been proposed and numerous product in light of against burglary have likewise been created, however the greater part of these product are not unreservedly accessible and it’s hard to distinguish the cheat by utilizing these product’s e.g. GPS Tracking. We set forward another plan, which improves the present situation, in view of new innovations like Multimedia Messages.

The situation proposed in this work is absolutely subject to the equipment of your cell phone like camera (front and back) and bolster for mixed media messages. When this product is introduced, it will work out of sight, stores the current SIM number in a variable and continues checking constantly for SIM change, at whatever point SIM gets changed from portable, it will take previews and record a video out of sight i.e., without taking client authorization and after that it will send a MMS, and number of depictions, to an other versatile number and an email id, which was given amid establishment. The advantageous preferred standpoint of this product is that it is anything but difficult to design and it continues running out of sight without interfering with the client. To some degree it encourages the proprietor to recognize the hoodlum.


The most recent cell phone, for example, android based cell phones, called cell phones, are transforming he way experience our live and has turned into a vital piece of our life. Cell phone change the method for correspondence not at all like settled line telephones, it gives and preferences of speaking with anybody practically through videoconferencing, email, and so on., and it additionally gives an office to store contact numbers, email, in telephone memory which decreases the idea of File-System to store individual contacts. Presently a days, cell phones are acting like a PC, it tends to be utilized to store data, archives and so on., and can be imparted to anybody through web.These most recent cell phones are exceptionally useful for doing business.

Organization related data and records can be seen anyplace can be imparted to anybody. Nowadays android based mobiles telephone/gadgets are extremely well known in light of the fact that it gives a substantial number of utilities for hand-held gadgets through which it goes about as a PC in a take. On account of its open-source nature a huge number of utilities has been created and android working framework is getting utilized in numerous cell phones. Due to its little size, it very well may be put away extremely effectively and the classified data of any association or on the other hand close to home points of interest put away in the memory can be effortlessly uncovered.


CPU type : Intel Pentium 4

Clock speed : 3.0 GHz

Ram size : 512 MB

Hard disk capacity : 40 GB

Monitor type : 15 Inch shading screen

Keyboard type : web console



Working System: Android Studio

Language : ANDROID SDK 7.0

Documentation : Ms-Office

BASE PAPER: Anti-theft application for android based devices

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