.NET Project On B2C E-commerce customer relation management based on the long tail


With the improvement of computer technology and network communication technology, e-commerce has a fast development on a global scale. B2C e-commerce as another shopping channel, since it has attributes of giving adequate data, breaking time and space boundaries, low cost and real-time, has rapid development. As a channel for transactions, B2C e-commerce additionally should be supported by suitable customer relationship management (CRM). So e-commerce companies need to do client division in view of their value, and after that take appropriate customer relationship administration technique. The long tail, as the premise of another plan of action, underscores the estimation of the sporadic request and little clients. In this project, we propose another client esteem display in the new financial condition in light of the long tail and after that offer comparing client relationship administration systems.

DOWNLOAD: B2C E-commerce customer relation management based on the long tail

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