Embedded Project on RFID Based Device Control and Authentication Using PIC Microcontroller


The fundamental target of this project is to give security in an organization by permitting just the authorized personnel to get to the secure area.

The security of any organization is a need for the authorities. The concern is for the physical property and furthermore for the intellectual property. Therefore just the authorized persons with a valid RFID tag is permitted into the secured premises.

This tag contains an integrated circuit that is utilized for storing and processing data and modulating, demodulating the radio frequency signal that is being transmitted. Thus, once the person demonstrates the RFID tag to the card reader it scans the information introduced in the tag and compares it and the information present in the framework.

At the point when the information matches with that in the microcontroller, the load will be turned ON which is driven by a relay and displays a message and ldquo;AUTHORIZED and rdquo; else states “Unapproved” and doesn’t permit get to.

This project can be additionally improved by interfacing it with GSM technology. Any attempt for unauthorized access can be intimated to the security personnel through an SMS.

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