Php project on Online School Fees Billing System


This School Billing System project enables the client to maintain the billing system in schools and helps to prints term reports for students. It will likewise print reports of the fees payments for students. The teachers will be able to upload the term reports to the system, it will hold the performance reports of the all the student. The School Billing System will enable the teachers to print terminal reports of every student. Every client will have different access privileges for the system. It is easy to understand the web-based system which efficiently takes care of the billing activities of the school.


This School Billing System will help the client with paying school bills on online and print term reports. There are different types of clients like the teacher, student and administrator. The student will be able to print reports for the fee paid. He will have the capacity to print reports of the term indicated. The instructor will have the capacity to keep up the information of every student. The system will likewise advise the students of outstanding fee payments.

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