Novel Control Method for Multimodule PV Microinverter With Multiple Functions


This project exhibits a novel control technique for multimodule photovoltaic microinverter (MI). The proposed MI utilizes a two-organize topology with dynamic braced current-encouraged push-pull converter fell with a full-bridge inverter. This system can work in grid associated mode to bolster capacity to the network with a programmable power factor. This system can likewise work in line-intuitive mode, i.e., share stack control without sustaining the capacity to the lattice.

In case of system control disappointment, the MI can work in an independent mode to supply uninterruptible capacity to the heap. This paper introduces a multiloop control plot with control programmable capacity for accomplishing the over various capacities. What’s more, the proposed control conspire inserted a multimodule parallel ability that different MI modules can be paralleled to grow the limit with self-sufficient control in all activity modes. At last, three 250-W MI modules are received to show the adequacy of the proposed control strategy in reproductions and additional tests.

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