Embedded Project on Vehicle tracking By GPS – GSM


Security frameworks and navigators have dependably been a need for human ‘ s life. The improvements of advanced electronic hardware have acquired progressive changes in these fields. In this project, we will exhibit a vehicle following the framework that utilizes a GPS module and a GSM modem to discover the area of a vehicle and offers a scope of control highlights. To finish the outline effectively, a GPS unit, two relays, a GSM Modem and two MCU units are utilized. There are five highlights presented in the project. The point of this task is to remotely track a vehicle ” s area, remotely turn ON and OFF the vehicle ‘s start framework and remotely bolt and open the entryways of the vehicle. An SMS message is sent to the following framework and the framework reacts to the clients ask for by performing fitting activities. Short instant messages are relegated to every one of these highlights. A web page is particularly intended to see the vehicle ‘ s area on Google maps. By utilizing hand-off based control idea presented in this project, a number of control highlights, for example, turning warmer on/off, radio on/off and so on can be actualized in a similar manner.

At first, the GPS constantly takes input information from the satellite and stores the scope and longitude esteem in AT89s52 microcontroller’s buffer. In the event that we need to track the vehicle, we have to send the message on GSM gadget, by which it gets activated. It likewise gets initiated by recognizing mischance on the IR sensor, by distinguishing fire on the temperature sensor, by identifying burglary associated with vehicle. Parallely deactivates GPS with the assistance of hand-off.Once GSM gets actuated it takes the last got scope and longitude positions esteems from the support and makes an impression on the specific number or workstation which is predefined in the program. When the message has been sent to the predefined gadget the GSM gets deactivated and GPS gets actuated.

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