Android Electricity Bill Payment Project


The project is an Android-based application where clients can get the instant electricity bill and pay them online by means of a credit card. The system computerizes the conventional procedure of paying the electricity bill by visiting the place. Clients need to remain in line for paying a bill and wait for their turn. The procedure is tiresome and time-consuming. They even need to wait for the bill being delivered to their place which now and then can be delivered late by the delivery boy. Consequently, the system is created to automate the electricity bill calculation and payment for the client convenience.

The system would have two logins administrator and client login. Administrator can see client account points of interest and can even add or updates things in their record. Administrator needs to feed the system with power use information into particular clients account through online web application. The system at that point figures the power charge for each client and updates the data into their record each month. Client would then be able to view their electricity bill and pay on the spot before month end. In the event that client is incapable for paying the bill before month end, it at that point computes fine for every day.

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