DSC02-Enabling Efficient User Revocation in Identity-based Cloud Storage Auditing for Shared Big Data


Cloud storage auditing plans for shared data refer to checking the integrity of the cloud data shared by a group of clients. The client revocation is commonly supported in such plans, as clients might be subject to group membership changes for different reasons. Already, the computational overhead for client revocation in such plans is linear with the total number of file blocks controlled by a revoked client. The overhead, however, may turn into a heavy burden on account of the sheer measure of the shared cloud data. Accordingly, how to decrease the computational overhead caused by client revocations turns into a key research challenge for accomplishing practical cloud data auditing. In this project, we propose a novel storage inspecting plan that archives highly efficient client revocation independent of the total number of file blocks controlled by the revoked client in the cloud. This achieved by exploring a novel methodology for key generation and another private key update technique. Utilizing this methodology and the procedure, we understand client disavowal by simply refreshing the non revoked total clients’ private keys instead of authenticators of the renounced client. The integrity auditing of the revoked client’s information can at present be effectively performed when the authenticators are not updated. Then, the proposed conspire depends on identity-based cryptography, which eliminates the complicated certificate administration in traditional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems. The security and efficiency of the proposed scheme are approved through both analysis and experimental results.

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