High degree surface finish attain in lathe by using grinding attachment


The crushing connection is an exceptional connection which is deliberately made for the machine to perform a granulating activity in the machine. While in turning or confronting process we can acquire just Max 2 delta surface complete with apparatus marks. In any case, by this connection, we can get 4Delta surface complete without apparatus stamps and scoring marks.


A crushing connection has a strong increasing speed equip. This rigging box having principle shaft and layshaft. The primary shaft is associated with the crushing haggle shaft is associated with engine .lay shaft and fundamental shaft are associated with gears which are submerged in oil. The engine is settled over the arrangement on the side of rigging box.


At the point when the engine is exchanged on power will transmit from the engine to layshaft. Through riggings, power will be transmitted to the primary shaft in the method of increasing speed. This aggregate connection is mounted over the compound slide of the lathe(tool post is completely evacuated) Then occupation might be held between focuses or in a throw. The wheel is encouraged against work. In crushing task both the activity and pounding wheel pivot. Because of this direct surface will get high degree wrapping up. Here encourage is given by moving the carriage and profundity of cut is given by cross slide. Programmed encourage likewise gave by back apparatus system. By utilizing the connection both the interior and outside granulating should be possible.


1) Fixture cost is low

2) No need for procurement unique machine for this

3) Production cost is low


1) Accuracy is smidgen low


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