Automatic Clutch & Braking System


This project is used to protect the car from an accident or interrupt the compare ness of driving a car. The figure shows the Functional Diagram of Automatic Clutch and braking system implementing by Microcontroller.  It’s consists of Interrupt sensor, controlling unit and the main part of Microcontroller.

IR sensor is used to detect the interrupt the car is sensed through IR sensor, its called optical sensor.  The interrupt sensing output is sent to the Microcontroller. The microcontroller is a general-purpose device and is used for control purpose using a fixed program that is stored in EPROM. The Microcontroller design uses a much more limited set of a single byte and double byte instructions that set of a single byte and double byte instructions that are used to move data and code from internal memory to ALU.

The microcontroller reads the status of input and takes decision according to the Assembly Language program stored in Microcontroller. The output from the controller is fed to a relay driver, which can be used to drive the relays, due to energizing and de-energize of relays. The DC motor is connected to this relay is getting On/Off for motor rotate forward and reverse direction to control the clutch and brake mechanism. Thus we can automatically control the clutch and brake by using Microcontroller.


  •  It requires simple maintenance cares
  • The safety system for an automobile.
  • Checking and cleaning are easy, because of the main parts are screwed.
  • Easy to Handle.
  • Low-cost automation Project
  • Repairing is easy.
  • Replacement of parts is easy.
  • Initial cost is high.
  • Air tank is required for this operation.


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