ASP Project On Share Market


The share trading system is viewed as an ordinary piece of life in any economy is it created or underdeveloped nations. As the world is progressively moving to the data age which a noteworthy normal for this age is speed; speed in sending messages, speed in medicinal services conveyance, speed in keeping the money, there is a requirement for speculators to have the capacity to screen their ventures with speed. In this work, we present P-Stock, an application for observing the exercises that go ahead in money markets. It tracks securities exchange exercises and also utilizing the information that has been pooled to figure the estimations of stock in a financial specialist’s portfolio all progressively. It is trusted that this will help new speculators in checking their ventures firsthand without the requirement for their intermediaries.


The underlying offering of stocks and bonds to financial specialists is done in the essential market and consequent exchanging is done in the optional market. A stock trade is frequently the most imperative part of a securities exchange. Supply, what’s more, request in securities exchanges is driven by different elements that, as in every free market, influence the cost of stocks. The stock trade enables organizations to produce capital. As an essential market, it gives a road to them to offer new offers and bonds to financial specialists. The organizations can at that point utilize the returns from these deals to extend their organizations, grow new items, purchase new gear and so on. Nwaiwu (2004) says that the share trading system gives a way to financial specialists to exchange the offers of organizations they possess among themselves. At the end of the day, it fills in as an optional market. For instance, a man who purchased the offers of an organization at a specific cost may pitch it to another speculator. The financial specialists are the ones who benefit from this sort of exchange – organizations don’t. The stock trade additionally has the capacity of maintaining principles and directions so shady individuals don’t swindle financial specialists of their well-deserved cash. It gives financial specialists security. There is generally no impulse to issue stock by means of the stock trade itself, nor must stock be along these lines exchanged on the trade. Such exchanging is said to be off trade or over-the-counter. This is the standard way that subsidiaries and bonds are exchanged. Progressively, stock trades are a piece of a worldwide market for securities.

Nyong (1997) said that money markets are seen as a complex organization pervaded with inalienable component through which long-haul assets of the real areas of the economy including family units, firms, and government are prepared, tackled and made accessible to different segments of the economy. The rate at which the estimations of stocks and bonds for stocks rise and fall can be hard to take after for different speculators which can prompt the loss of significant cash that can be made through either the deal or purchasing of offers. While just stock agents are permitted to exchange, the financial specialists tell them what to exchange with along these lines if the speculators don’t recognize what to purchase and to offer then it can be hard for them to profit in the stock trade. In synopsis, the issue is the failure of investors to see and comprehend the ascent and fall stocks and offer costs as it identifies with their different speculations. The point of this paper is to build up a model of an application that can screen the exchanging floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the stocks and offers in a financial specialist’s portfolio.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory: 40GB

Smash: 1GB


Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System: Windows XP

Dialect : C#

Framework: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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