Embedded Project on Tampered Energy Meter Information Conveyed to Concerned Authority by Wireless Communication


The fundamental goal of this project is to send a message something specific in case of energy meter being altered. The alarm message is sent through GSM modem to the concerned specialist. As power utilization is expanding, so is the endeavor for altering the vitality meter.

Recognizing an altered meter is just conceivable when the power load up’s power physically checks it, which is a tedious and expensive strategy. This proposed framework is a conceivable answer to distinguish meter altering.

The energy meter is coordinated with the framework such that in the event that anyone opens the front of the meter, an IR detecting course of action sends an order to the microcontroller (8051 family).

Microcontroller at that point detects an adjustment in the intelligent contribution from IR sensor and offers order to the GSM modem to send a SMS to the assigned cell phone number put away in the controller’s memory. This data additionally gets showed on a LCD.

The project in future can be improved by having an additional component of separating the supply to the load by power office through SMS if there should be an occurrence of any altering of vitality meter

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