Android Projects on Mobi Travel Guide – Travel Smart

Android Projects on Mobi Travel Guide – Travel Smart


In current tourism framework, at whatever point a vacationer visits well-known spots, to find out about the place he procures a guide. The employed guide at that point describes a history of the place. Presently a day cell phone is a fundamental piece of the general population’s life. There is persistently ascending in various versatile figuring applications, fixated on the general population’s everyday life. In such applications, area subordinate frameworks have been identified as an Important application. Such application which introduces the Architecture and usage of such an area is ordinarily known as Smart Travel Guide. We propose a design of versatile traveler direct framework for Android Mobile Phones that can give tourism data to the portable clients advantageously. Our framework exploits light-weighted blend innovation that can join more than one information sources to make esteem included administrations, while defeats the restrictions of cell phones

The Mobile application introduced on the portable of the visitor can go about as a guide. Moreover, the application would help the client to discover the climate figure of the place.

Existing System:

In the tourism business, visitor data is gotten predominantly through daily paper, magazines, radio and other basic ways those are accessible effortlessly. However, the issue is that voyagers are not ready to get travel data convenient when they are progressing. While the present cell phones are winding up more smart, contrasted and PC, regardless they have the accompanying confinements like little screen and minor console, restricted CPU limit, constrained memory space, moderate and erratic Internet association.

Numerous mobiles of late decades have travel direct application. Be that as it may, the application on these mobiles works ease back because of proceeds with securing of the transfer speed. In this way, the portable end-client operation is extremely troublesome, and the substance show on the screen of cell phone is restricted

Proposed System:

The test address by portable was the capacity to get correct area from the predetermined top choices, current area, outline, between two urban areas, climate report, discover the video. Brought up from the exploration that numerous applications have been created, however, a portion of the vacationer data is for the most part gotten through the newspaper, magazines these applications don’t give correct data while client on move. Subsequent to concentrate many inquiries about papers and furthermore tended to numerous issue yet the some said above are the real issue to the proposed framework will endeavor to take care of numerous issue related with the current area, outline,

between two urban communities, climate report, discover the video. Keeping in mind the end goal to help the client who is more up to date to the city at the voyaging time and gets present area, delineate, between two urban communities, climate report, discover the video.


Have you at any point gone to visit, and wished to get data from the place in your portable? Look at the recordings which clarify the history/data of the place you are at present going to? Rapidly get the climate estimate for the place?

The application “Versatile Travel Guide” takes care of every one of these issues. It offers underneath administrations

 Retrieves the client’s present geographical directions.

 Converts the Latitude/longitude to road address.

 Does video look for that place and shows those to the client.

 The user watches his preferred video.

 Gets the climate gauge for the place.


Advances utilized are

Versatile Application:

• Android

• GPS (for getting client’s present area)

• GPRS (for web network amongst portable and server)

Execution Modules:

This is an independent application created for Android telephones.

Versatile Application Modules:

The versatile application has underneath modules

 Location discoverer: This module is capable to recover client’s present scope and longitude utilizing GPS. This will change the direction of road address utilizing geocoding innovation.

 Video Search: This module is capable to do video seek to utilize Google’s web crawler. The aftereffect of the pursuit is rundown of recordings identified with the client’s present area.

 Video player: This module is dependable to play the video which client chooses.

 Weather Forecast: This module is dependable to recover the climate data from Google and show it to the client.

 Settings: This module enables a client to set a few settings for the applications.

Hardware Requirements

Versatile which has beneath highlights



 Android 1.5 or higher

Software Requirements

 Android Google API 1.5 or higher

 Android Development Tool module

 Eclipse 3.4 or higher

 Sun JDK 5 or higher


In this paper, we displayed the outline and execution of a portable application called Smart Travel Guide, with which versatile clients can get tourism direction data they require whenever and anyplace. By Smart Travel Guide, clients can get a fascination’s nitty gritty data, including content, picture, and video. Specifically, Smart Travel Guide can give clients area based data, which can be perused or questioned through a guide. The client can look through the close-by attractions after he or she arranges the separation between the present area and the view spots. At the point when the client moves out of the present area, the cell phone will consequently.

Download Project: Mobi Travel Guide – Travel Smart

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