AN056 – Public News Droid


Public News Droid is an Advanced and Informative System helping the clients to know the news, articles or any fascinating things occurring around their Locality. This System encourages the nearby public to stay up with the latest about the happenings around their region or region or in their City. There are 2 applications for this system to work; one for the administrator and another for the client. The client is permitted to see the news just of his city while client can add news identified with any city. Administrator will screen if any mishandle or insignificant or counterfeit news included by any clients and will make some move. The Front end utilized is Android Studio while backend as SQL Server. The client needs to enlist into the framework to utilize this application and can refresh his points of interest also.

The most recent news is demonstrated first and so on, the client can likewise refresh the news coming about the most recent one indicated first and current news will be shut. The client can include a photo and a title identified with the news.

The client can utilize just 450 words to address the news. The Look and feel of perusing the news is energizing and astonishing as the system gives swipe to move to the following or past news with progress impacts.

DOWNLOAD: Public News Droid

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