Alumni Interaction Management Systems


In this project, we are developing a real-time Android Mobile Application. This App gives a platform to share data among various categories of the job accessible details and brings data from differing source uniformly. The ca, for the most part, incorporates Alumni Students. The App will be a mobile application which keeps running on any Android Operating System.

The Alumni will be constantly interested and quick to keep up relations with the institutions he/she studied. With this application, they can contribute much to the organization through giving guidance to their juniors in regards to their career openings. Alumni students once register into the record he/she will include up and coming occupation opportunity points of interest. Administrator can see all the student records, Alumni student records, work opportunity points of interest included by Alumni students. Staff just is having rights to include all the student records and to give the login username and secret key to the student. Staff can likewise see every one of the Alumni students register into the applications and employment opportunity points of interest. Administration login into the applications and forward the Alumni meeting related details to the Alumni student.

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