CCO3-TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud


Cloud storage gives a convenient, massive, and scalable storage at a low cost, however, information protection is a major concern that keeps clients from storing files on the cloud trustingly. One method for improving privacy from information proprietor point is to encrypt the records before outsourcing them into the cloud and decrypt the documents after downloading them. Be that as it may, information encryption is a heavy overhead for the cell phone devices, and data retrieval process brings about a complicated communication between the information client and cloud.

Typically with limited bandwidth capacity and limited battery life, these issues introduce heavy overhead with computing and communication too as a higher power consumption for cell phone device clients, which makes the encrypted search over mobile cloud very challenging. In this project, we propose TEES (Traffic and Energy saving Encrypted Search), a bandwidth and energy efficient encrypted architecture over mobile search cloud. The proposed design offloads the calculation from cell phones to the cloud, and we further optimize the communication between the portable customers and the cloud.

It is shown that the information security does not corrupt when the execution improvement techniques are connected. Our investigations demonstrate that TEES decreases the computation time by to, what’s more, spare the vitality utilization by files retrieval, meanwhile, the network traffics during the file retrievals and also significantly decreased.


Currently, many kinds of research focused concentrated on building up the encrypted search efficiency with multi-keywords ranking. executed a one – round trip search which could inspect the encrypted information. It was worth seeing that multi-keyword positioned search may require more serious Keywords-files Association Loss problem. If the attackers observed the keywords and returned files to learn some relationship between keywords and files, through wireless communication channels for a mobile cloud. Actualized security save technique for multi-keyword encrypted search with an approach to control the double key loss”. In a fuzzy multi-keyword, fuzzy search scheme was in all actuality, however it experiences from defective search time with two round-trip communications.


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