AN023 – Financial Status Analysis Using Credit Score Rating Based On Android


Banks and Credit card organizations utilize credit scores of the buyers. This banks and Credit Card Score Company lend cash to the consumers based on the FICO rating of the buyer. Buyer can have poor, fair, good or excellent credit scores. In view of these FICO rating financier and credit organization give cash to the shopper. We here proposed an electronic application that monitors peoples credit scores. This system can be utilized by the customers to know their FICO rating. Client must enlist himself by including the people details and Visa and credit details. The system will furnish client with qualifications to get to the system. Client can get to his own subtle elements and additionally his credit points of interest. Here we connected a remarkable calculation to compute the FICO rating of the shoppers. the system will compute the FICO rating in view of following parameters, for example, number of credit card, year of the first credit card, number of advances, cost, wage and so forth. Utilizing these parameters system will compute the credit of every shopper and will show the financial assessment esteem. A system will likewise show whether the shopper FICO rating is poor, fair, good or amazing. This system is useful for the purchaser to think about their FICO assessment. This system is completely useful and easy to use project.

Download: Financial Status Analysis Using Credit Score Rating Based On Android

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