Supervisory Control for Power Management of an Islanded AC Microgrid Using Frequency Signalling-Based Fuzzy Logic Controller


In islanded AC microgrids comprising of sustainable power sources (RES), battery-based  (BESS), and burdens, the BESS adjusts the contrast between the RES power and loads by conveying/retaining that distinction. In any case, the state of charge  (SOC) and charging/releasing intensity of the battery ought to be kept inside their outline restrains paying little respect to varieties in the heap request or the discontinuous intensity of the RES.

In this project, a supervisory controller in view of fuzzy logic is proposed to guarantee that the battery power and vitality don’t surpass their plan restrains and keeping up a steady power stream. The microgrid considered in this project comprises a PV, battery, load, and helper supplementary unit. The fluffy rationale controller changes the AC transport recurrence, which is utilized by the nearby controllers of the parallel units to reduce the power created by the PV or to supplement the power from the helper unit. The proposed FLC execution is checked by reproduction and exploratory results.

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