GIS003 – Geographical Information System and its Application to Project Mangement in Construction Industry 

The development business is colossal and it includes an extensive number of exercises. Different customary strategies for planning and controlling are as yet being utilized in the development industry which neglect to give the spatial (designs, illustrations) and non-spatial (details, cost gauges and so on) parts of data in a development venture. So it was viewed as that reconciliation between the Project Management and GIS (Geographic Data System) would be a key piece of the arrangement. This mix would appear representation of development advance w.r.t. time.

In this reconciliation the illustrations were drafted utilizing a PC – helped drafting (CAD) program (AutoCAD), the development plan was readied utilizing Project Management Software (MS Project 2003), the refreshed timetable data (which essentially incorporates percent finish) which is refreshed in the Geodatabase (Arc Info). As the refreshing is being done, a custom application (.net with C# dialect) had been set up to consequently refresh the Geodatabase.

Hence the project the executives programming is refreshed and all the while the Geodatabase is moreover refreshed and 3-D perspective of the advancement of view can likewise been seen. The Integrated GISProject The board framework would help every one of the gatherings associated with the development venture (particularly for basic leadership) as they would have the capacity to see all the spatial parts of project in one framework.

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