SC05-A Distributed Truthful Auction Mechanism for Task Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing


In Mobile cloud computing, offloading resource-demanded applications from cell phones to remote cloud servers can alleviate the resource scarcity of cell phones. Ongoing studies demonstrate that misusing the unused resources of the nearby cell phones for task execution can reduce the energy utilization and communication latency. All things considered, it is non-trivial to encourage cell phones to share their resources or execute tasks for others. To address this issue, we build an auction model to encourage the resource trading between the proprietor of the tasks and the cell phones participating in task execution.

In particular, the proprietors of the tasks go about as bidders by submitting bids to compete for the resource available at cell phones. We design a distributed auction mechanism to fairly allocate to the tasks, and decide the trading costs of the resources. Besides, a productive payment evaluation process is proposed to prevent against the possible dishonest action the possible dishonest activity of the seller on the payment decision, through the collaboration of the purchasers. We demonstrate that the proposed auction mechanism can accomplish certain desirable properties, for example, computational effectiveness, individual rationality, the truthfulness of the guarantee of the bidders, and budget balance. Simulation results validate the execution of the performance of the proposed auction mechanism.

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