SC06-SEPDP Secure and Efficient Privacy-Preserving Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storage


Cloud computing is a developing paradigm to give reliable and resilient infrastructure enabling the clients (data proprietors) to store their data and the data consumers (clients) can access the data from cloud servers. This paradigm reduces the storage and maintenance cost of the data proprietor. In the meantime, the data proprietor loses the physical control and ownership of data which prompts numerous security risks. In this manner, auditing service to check information integrity in the cloud is basic. This issue has turned into a test as the ownership of information should be confirmed while keeping up the protection. To address these issues this work proposes a secure and efficient privacy preservation of provable information ownership (SEPDP). Further, we stretch out SEPDP to help numerous proprietors, data possession, and batch verification. The most attractive component of this scheme is that the auditor can confirm the possession of data with low computational overhead.

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