An Efficient Multi-User Searchable Encryption Scheme without Query Transformation Over Outsourced


Searchable Encryption (SE) plans give security and protection to the cloud information. The current SE approaches empower different clients to perform look activity by utilizing different plans like Broadcast Encryption (BE), Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE), and so on. Be that as it may, these plans don’t enable various clients to play out the pursuit task over the encoded information of numerous proprietors. Some SE plans include a Proxy Server (PS) that enable different clients to play out the pursuit activity.

Be that as it may, these methodologies acquire gigantic computational weight on PS because of the rehashed encryption of the client questions for change reason in order to guarantee that clients’ inquiry is accessible over the encoded information of different proprietors. Thus, to dispose of this computational weight on PS, this paper proposes a safe intermediary server approach that plays out the pursuit activity without changing the client questions. This methodology likewise restores the best k pertinent records to the client inquiries by utilizing Euclidean separation similitude approach. In light of the trial think about, this methodology is productive as for pursuit time and exactness.

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