ASP Project On  Feedback


Online criticism framework is an electronic framework which gives an approach to schools to enable understudies to gives input for staff online to enhance their educating. Understudies are required to give criticism utilizing one standard input frame. In our venture, the security is likewise keeping up by consequence of input is just obvious to a valid client. This task likewise incorporates time entrance. This framework encourages educators to enhance the execution by breaking down the input given by understudies.


The Online Feedback System is utilized to oversees criticism gave by understudies. Online Feedback System enables understudies to choose the specific subject and separate instructor to give criticism about educator and subject. An Online Feedback System is an input age framework which gives appropriate criticism to educator gives the best possible criticism to the instructors about their showing quality on a premise of rating exceptionally poor, poor, normal, great, great. In the current framework, understudies require giving criticism physically. In existing framework reportage by investigating all criticism shape is extremely time to expand. By online input framework report, age is devoured less time. In online input, framework understudy gives input for educator of the specific subject for specific timeframe might be at month end. Criticism is sending to HOD of specific office and also the entirety of divisions’ criticism to a primary. HOD has rights to whether input shows to the regarded educator or not. In the wake of examining report HOD or standard leads the gatherings for staff by sending letters to them.


In Existing System the input is finished by the manual procedure. In the Existing System, understudies can give the criticism about the teachers by utilizing paper and pen. In the wake of giving input by each understudy, papers are gathered by HOD’s and ascertains the general review for each subject and each instructor. After that those, all review report is seen by the key which is given by HOD. Henceforth assessing the execution of teachers and giving advising should be possible by the foremost.


Here we intended to outline the online web application for giving the input about the teachers, specific subject, and so on by understudies to This Feedback System comprise of four sorts of clients Student, Staff, HOD of all office and key.B ut this criticism is just given by Students other three clients just view the inputs. This criticism which is issued by the understudy is first given to HOD’s and foremost and HOD’s will chooses whether an input is noticeable to staff for that subject or not. The framework will produce the report in light of rating regarding exceptionally poor, poor, normal, great, great. In view of report HOD’s or essential behaviors meeting by just sending letters to educators.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory: 40GB



Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System: Windows XP

Language: C#

Framework: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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