Fabrication of Brass screw threading and cutting machine


Mechanical designing without creation and assembling is good for nothing and indistinguishable. Creation and assembling process manages change of crude materials contributions to completed items according to required measurements details and productively utilizing late innovation

The figure demonstrates the square chart of metal screw Automatic Threading machine. Chips away at outer Die guideline .work is situated in a toss, in which an axle is associated with the engine, the pass on hangs on a versatile apparatus which has a level of flexibility in single pivot just, when a pole is gone into bite the dust in moderate speed consequently threading activity will perform than when a string is improved the situation a stipulated length the machine will be inverted back naturally and string is discharged

The control capacities are modified and put away in Control unit. It comprises Set switches, LCD show; hand-off driver area, AC engine and principal part of Control unit.

Control unit is a broadly useful gadget and is utilized for control reason utilizing a settled program that is put away in ROM. Numerous directions are combined with pins of the coordinated bundle, the pins are programmable that is equipped for having distinctive capacities relying upon the desires of programmer In Control unit based threading machine, the control capacities are put away as a program in Control unit. In the event that we can press the set switches, the number of creeps to be a string in the MC, the threading will be performed. The setting esteem is shown in the LCD show area.

At the point when the program is executed, the signs from the MC are sent to hand-off driver and transfer. The threading inches will be coupled to the AC engine. The mechanical activity (relating to the threading which gets performed), is done in the threading machine.

Along these lines, we can consequently or manual control to the threading machine utilizing Control unit.


1) Accuracy is high

2) Production time is less

3) Easy to work


1) The capacity of the machine relies upon engine


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