IFS01-Efficient Retrieval over Documents Encrypted by Attributes in Cloud Computing


Secure document storage and retrieval are one of the hottest research headings in cloud computing. Despite the fact that many searchable encryption plans have been proposed, few of them bolster effective retrieval over the documents which are encrypted based of their attributes. In this project, a hierarchical attribute-based encryption scheme is first designed for a document collection.

A set of documents can be encrypted together in the event that they share an incorporated access structure. Compared and the ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption plans, both the ciphertext storage space and time costs of encryption/decryption are saved. At that point, an index structure named attribute based recovery features (ARF) tree is developed for the document collection is based on the TF-IDF model and the documents’ attributes. A depth-first search algorithm for the ARF tree is designed to enhance the search efficiency which can be additionally enhanced by parallel computing. Aside from the document collections, our scheme can be likewise connected to different datasets by modifying the ARF tree slightly. A thorough analysis and a series of experiments are performed to illustrate the security and efficiency of the proposed scheme.

DOWNLOAD: Efficient Retrieval over Documents Encrypted by Attributes in Cloud Computing

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