BLDC Motor Drive Based on Bridgeless Landsman PFC Converter With Single Sensor and Reduced Stress on Power Devices


The Landsman converter in light of a power factor correction (PFC) in bridgeless (BL) setup sustaining a brushless dc engine (BLDCM) drive is proposed for low-control household machines. The conduction misfortunes related with diodes are lessened by BL arrangement and exchanging misfortunes of strong state switches of voltage source inverter are decreased by the utilization of low frequency switching signals in electronic compensation for the BLDCM. ‘

The front-end BL PFC based Landsman converter working in the spasmodic inductor current mode is utilized for controlling the dc interface voltage, and PFC is achieved normally with diminished conduction misfortunes and switch pressure. A single voltage sensor is utilized for controlling the dc transport voltage. A model is produced to think about execution of the system for wide range speed control and power quality change. The test execution of BLDCM is introduced for its capacities at different voltages of air conditioning mains (90-265 V) to hold fast as far as possible characterized by IEC61000-3-2 standard.

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