LAPSE: Low-Overhead Adaptive Power Saving and Contrast Enhancement for OLEDs


Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) show boards are ending up progressively prevalent particularly in versatile gadgets; one of the key attributes of these boards is that their capacity utilization firmly relies upon the showed picture. In this paper we propose LAPSE, another approach to simultaneously decrease the vitality devoured by an OLED show and upgrade the differentiation of the showed picture, that depends on picture particular pixel-by-pixel changes. Dissimilar to past methodologies, LAPSE centers particularly around lessening the overheads required to actualize the change at runtime.

To this end, we propose a change that can be executed progressively, either in programming, with low time overhead, or in a equipment quickening agent with a little territory and low vitality spending plan.  Regardless of the huge decrease in multifaceted nature, we acquire tantamount  results to those accomplished with more perplexing methodologies as far as power sparing and picture quality. In addition, our technique permits to effectively investigate the full quality-versus-control tradeoff by following up on a couple of fundamental parameters; in this way, it empowers the runtime choice among different show quality settings, as per the status of the framework.

BASE PAPER: LAPSE Low-Overhead Adaptive Power Saving and

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