Mechanical designing without generation and assembling is good for nothing and indivisible. Creation and assembling process manages change of crude materials contributions to completed items according to required measurements determinations and proficiently utilizing late innovation

Objective& scope

When we are going in the street for a specific work, if assume tire get to cut it will be a major cerebral pain to expel the tire and repairing the Stepney additionally it is difficult to lift the jack physically in the workshop. This makes the specialist to get worn out. It’s every one of the dreary work for the laborer.

Working principle

So as to beat this issue we have planned and built up a framework called control jack working through remote by having full control of the jack, we can without much of a stretch lift it all over by utilizing the remote. This diminishes the weight of the laborer.

The power jack working through remote framework involves following parts like Keypad, DTMF (Dual-tone multi recurrence generator) code, radio recurrence transmitter, Radio recurrence recipient, DTMF code de generator, Microcontroller, Relay, and jack.

The keypad contains catches, as indicated by the capacity number. We determined the relating DTMF code for that specific number is created. That is, to elevate the jack enter 1, to down lift the jack enter2 to stop in one position enter 3.

Expected outcome

1. It lessens the weight of the laborer

2. It is anything but difficult to work

3. We can see the lifting of the vehicle from a specific separation and modify the tallness of the lifting.


This sort of framework will be helpful in workshop zones, auto fabricating zones and so on, This will have huge significance in these spots.

Download: motorized jack

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