Grid-Voltage-Oriented Sliding Mode Control for DFIG Under Balanced and Unbalanced Grid Faults


Doubly encouraged acceptance generators (DFIGs) are generally utilized in factor speed wind turbines. In spite of the all around acknowledged execution of DFIGs, these generators are exceptionally sensible to system deficiencies. Consequently, the nearness of matrix shortcomings must be considered in the outline of any control system to be sent on DFIGs. Sliding mode control (SMC) is a helpful option for electric apparatus control since SMC offers quick powerful reaction and less affectability to parameter varieties and aggravations.

Moreover, the normal yields of SMC are broken signs permitting direct exchanging of intensity electronic gadgets. In this project, a matrix voltage-situated SMC is proposed and tried under low voltage network issues. Dissimilar to other nonmodulated procedures, for example, coordinate torque control, there isn’t a need of adjusting the controller structure for withstanding low profundity voltage plunges. For stator normal motion cancelation, the torque and receptive power references are adjusted to infuse a demagnetizing current. Recreation results show the demagnetization of the common transition segment and also a vigorous following control under adjusted and lopsided voltage plunges.

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