An Efficient Ranked Multi-Keyword Search for Multiple Data Owners Over Encrypted Cloud Data


With the advancement of distributed storage, more information proprietors are slanted to re-appropriate their information to cloud administrations. For protection concerns, delicate information ought to be encoded before redistributing. There are different accessible encryption plans to guarantee information accessibility. Be that as it may, the current hunt plans give careful consideration to the effectiveness of information clients’ questions, particularly for the multi-proprietor situation.

In this paper, we proposed a tree-based positioned multi-watchword scan conspire for various information proprietors. In particular, by thinking about a lot of information in the cloud, we use the TF × IDF model to build up a multikeyword inquiry and restore the best k positioned list items. To empower the cloud servers to play out a safe pursuit without knowing any delicate information (e.g., catchphrases and trapdoors), we build a novel privacypreserving look convention dependent on the bilinear mapping.

To accomplish an effective hunt, for every datum proprietor, a tree-based list encoded with an added substance request and protection saving capacity family is developed. The cloud server would then be able to consolidate these records viably, utilizing the profundity first pursuit calculation to locate the comparing documents. At long last, the thorough security examination demonstrates that our plan is secure, and the execution investigation exhibits its adequacy and effectiveness.

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