Automatic Bar Feeding Mechanism for Cutting Machine


Mechanical building without creation and assembling is good for nothing and indistinguishable. Creation and assembling process manages transformation of crude materials contributions to completed items according to required measurements details and effectively utilizing late innovation

Objective& scope

Presently a day, Machines are generally controlled by installed framework. To address the issue of detonating populace financial and powerful control of machines is vital. The principal topic of our venture is utilized bolster the crude material naturally to the machine

Working principle

Our task “programmed bar encouraging system” Bar nourishing component is utilized to sustain the crude material into the machine naturally when an arrangement of activity is done, it comprise of two arrangement of rollers one is perfect and another is drive roller, perfect roller are utilized to direct the activity and bolster roller has a driver from s D.C engine ,this drive D.C engine has a clock, according to the time information engine will works, this clock can be balanced according to ON time and OFF time delay according to length of material required

Expected Outcome:

1) This framework decides the exact position than the mechanical strategy.

2) This framework diminishes the weight of the upkeep.

3) This framework wipes out the manual work.

4) Highly exact and more effective.

5) Compact and brisk reaction.

6) Microcontroller has on-chip assets to accomplish a more elevated amount of mix and unwavering quality at a lower cost.

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