Fp021 – Protecting Location Privacy for Task Allocation in Ad Hoc Mobile Cloud Computing


Portable distributed computing (MCC) is a rising distributed computing worldview that coordinates distributed computing and versatile processing to empower numerous helpful portable applications. Be that as it may, the substantial scale sending of MCC is prevented by the worries on conceivable security spillage. In this paper, we research the security issues in the specially appointed MCC, and propose a structure that can ensure the area protection while distributing errands to cell phones.

Our system depends on differential security and geocast, and enables cell phones to contribute their assets to the specially appointed portable cloud without releasing their area data. We create explanatory models and undertaking designation methodologies that balance security, utility, and framework overhead in a specially appointed portable cloud. We likewise lead broad analyses dependent on genuine informational collections, and the outcomes demonstrate that our structure can secure area protection for cell phones while furnishing viable administrations with low framework overhead.

BASE PAPER: Protecting Location Privacy for Task Allocation in Ad Hoc Mobile Cloud Computing

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