EE001 – Drinking water standards, testing and treatment


In this work, tests of water were gathered from three distinctive cylinder wells at two unique times of the year. The primary arrangement of tests was gathered in the long stretch of September, 2013 and the second set was gathered in April, 2014. Over the proper way of time different parameters as to water quality were broke down and the Indian Standards: 10500 (Drinking water particulars) was alluded to with the end goal to check the agreeableness of water.

The parameters which were examined are as per the following :

 Total Dissolved Solids

 Total Suspended Solids

 Determination of pH

 Determination of chloride content

 Conductivity

 Determination of sulfate content

 Turbidity

 Iron substance

 Manganese content

A large portion of the parameters were not observed to be in the attractive range for drinking water and thus, suitable measures were proposed to enhance the nature of water.Water quality alludes to the synthetic, physical and natural attributes of water. It is a proportion of the state of water with respect to the prerequisites of at least one biotic animal groups and or then again to any human need or reason. It is most much of the time utilized by reference to an arrangement of principles against which consistence can be evaluated. The most well-known norms used to survey water quality identify with wellbeing of biological communities, security of human contact and drinking water.

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