Plenoptic Image Coding using Macropixel-based Intra Prediction 


The plenoptic image in a super high resolution made out of many macropixels recording both spatial and angular light radience. In view of the investigation of spatial correlations of macropixel structure, this project proposes a macropixel-based intra expectation technique for plenoptic picture coding. In the wake of applying an invertible picture reshaping strategy to the plenoptic picture, the macropixel structures are lined up with the coding unit networks of a square based video coding standard. The reshaped and regularized picture is compacted by the video encoder involving the proposed macropixel-based intra forecast, which incorporates three modes: multi-square weighted prediction mode (MWP), co-located single-block predicition mode (CSP),and boundary matching based prediction mode (BMP).

In the MWP mode and BMP mode, the predictions are created by limiting spatial Euclidean separation and limit mistake among the reference tests, separately, which can completely misuse spatial connections among the pixels underneath the neighboring microlens. The proposed approach beats HEVC by a normal of 47.0% bitrate decrease. Contrasted and other cutting edge strategies, pseudo-video based on tiling and arrangement method (PVTA), intra block copy (IBC) mode, and locally linear embedding (LLE) based prediction, it can likewise accomplish 45.0%, 27.7% and 22.7% bitrate funds all things considered, individually.

BASE PAPER: Plenoptic Image Coding using Macropixel-based Intra Prediction

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