Design and Fabrication of galvanized coated steam generator


Mechanical Engineering without creation and assembling is useless and indivisible. Creation and assembling process manages change of crude materials contributions to completed items according to required measurements particulars and productively utilizing late innovation.

Steam generator is gadget which is utilized to create the stem for play out the warm incitation work, by this stem weight we can use for multi reason like prime mover for turbine, and other local reason additionally our principle perspective is to give the excited covering to the internal surface of the kettle drum to go about as a hostile to rusting covering for life of 50 years, The outline of the heater is according to IRB control, it is the water tube evaporator, the shells and tubes are produced by the gentle steel and welded with circular segment welding machine, it has a limit of supply 10kg/min under the weight of 100kg/cm2, with this kettle we can work the 2hp turbine at 1200 rpm for control age, this venture gives the unmistakable thought to fabricate the kettle at most extreme proficiency, and give all security viewpoints moreover


1) Steam created can be provided to outside ignition motor, for example, steam motors and turbines.

2) Steam created can likewise be provided at low weights for industry forms.

3) Steam can be used for creating high temp water, which is utilized for warming establishments at low weights


1) Operation of the heater is risky

2) Corrosion is a noteworthy issue in heater


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