Conversion of salty water into pure water by Safe Water Technologies


Water wherever is progressively being tainted from various sources and this, particularly in drinking waters is a noteworthy worry, due to the related wellbeing risks. The most widely recognized contaminants being suspended issue, mud, sediment, green growth, microscopic organisms and different pathogens. Other than extensive mass handling frameworks for industry, Safe Water in India additionally has unique spotlight on little and medium water supply needs. Arrangements are offered for treatment of Municipal Waters, Surface Waters, Open and Tube Well Waters including source waters from streams, waterways, lakes and lakes for drinking water for Residences, Housing Colonies, Resorts, Villages, and Small Towns. Today, in excess of 1.1 billion individuals need access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion individuals have no entrance to fundamental sanitation. In most industrialized nations, access to safe drinking water is about all-inclusive and is frequently underestimated. This entrance has come as the consequence of monstrous open consumptions, however now more water supply organizations are being privatized. Interestingly, get to is ordinarily lower in creating nations, where economies are weaker, and foundation isn’t as created. The circumstance is the most exceedingly terrible for the poorest individuals in creating nations, who regularly have no entrance to channeled water supply. These families ordinarily burn through one fifth of their pay on unadulterated water. In this paper, I need to stress some Safe Water Treatment Technologies which is utilized as a part of different household and Industries viz. Bright Water Treatment Systems, Specialty Potable and Non-Potable Water Treatment Systems ,


1) Better Life Series — licensed channels and conditioners with coordinated UV

2) Nitrate Removal Systems

3) Tannin and Organic Removal Systems


1) Taste of the water varies from customary water taste

Download: water purification system

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