CASAIR: Content and Shape-Aware Image Retargeting and Its Applications


This project proposes a novel picture retargeting calculation that can retarget pictures to a huge group of non-rectangular shapes. In particular, we think about picture retargeting from a more extensive point of view that incorporates the substance and additionally the state of a picture, and the proposed substance and shape-mindful picture retargeting (CASAIR) calculation is driven by the double goals of picture content protection and picture space change, with the last characterized by an application-particular target shape.

The calculation depends on crease section cutting that progressively expels minimal effort crease portions from the picture to at the same time accomplish the two destinations, with the determination of crease fragments controlled by a cost work joining contributions from picture substance and target shape. To give an entire portrayal of shapes that can be acquired utilizing CASAIR, we present the idea of bhv-curved shapes, and we demonstrate that bhv-raised shapes are unequivocally the group of shapes that can be retargeted to by CASAIR.

The proposed calculation is straightforward in the two its plan and execution, and practically speaking, it offers a proficient and powerful retargeting stage that gives its clients extensive adaptability in picking target shapes. To exhibit the capability of CASAIR for expanding the application extent of picture retargeting, this paper additionally proposes a shrewd camera-projector framework that fuses CASAIR. With regards to omnipresent presentation, CASAIR prepares the camera-projector framework with the capacity of retargeting pictures online keeping in mind the end goal to expand the quality and devotion of the showed pictures at whatever point the circumstance requests.

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