Embedded Project on Sun Tracking Solar Panel


The project utilizes a solar panel coupled to a stepper motor to track the Sun so most maximum sun light is incident upon the panel at any given time of the day. This is better compared with light sensing strategy that may not be accurate always for instance during coludy  days.

With the approaching scarcity of nonrenewable resources, peoples are considering about to utilize substitute sources of energy. From all other available resources sun energy is the most abundant and it’s relatively simple to convert it to electrical energy.

Utilization of solar panel to change over sun’s energy to electrical is very popular,yet because of progress of the Sun from east to west the fixed solar panel might have the capacity to create optimum energy. The proposed framework solves the problem by an arrangement for the solar panel to track the Sun

This tracking movement is accomplished by coupling a stepper motor to the solar panel with the end goal that the panel keeps up its face always perpendicular to the Sun to produce maximum energy. This is accomplished by utilizing a programmed microcontroller to delivered step pulses in periodical time intervals for the stepper motor to rotate the mounted panel as desired.

The microcontroller utilized as a part of this project is from 8051 family. The stepper motor is driven by an interfacing IC as the controller isn’t equipped for taking care of the power requirement of the stepper motor. The project is given dummy solar pannel which can be utilized for demonstration purpose only.

Further project can be enhanced by utilizing RTC (Real Time Clock) to follow the Sun. This help to maintain the required position of the panel regardless of whether the power is interrupted for some time.

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