MC02-Dynamic Connectivity Establishment and Cooperative Scheduling for QoS-Aware Wireless Body Area Networks


In a hospital environment, the total number of Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) equipped patients asking ubiquitous healthcare services benefits in an area increments fundamentally. Along these lines, increased traffic load and group-based mobility of WBANs degrades the execution of each WBAN fundamentally, concerning service delay and network throughput. What’s more, the mobility of WBANs affects connectivity between a WBAN and an Access Point (AP) dynamically, which varies the link quality significantly. To address the connectivity issue and give Quality of Services (QoS) in the network, we propose a dynamic connectivity establishment and cooperative scheduling plan, which limits the packet delivery delay and maximizes the system throughput. To first, to secure the reliable connectivity network among WBANs and APs dynamically, we define a selection parameter utilizing a price based approach. From that point, we detail an utility capacity for the WBANs to offer QoS utilizing a coalition game theoretic approach. We think about the execution of the proposed approach holistically, in view of various network parameters. We additionally analyze the execution of the proposed scheme with the existing state-of-the-art.

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