Frequency Division Based Coordinated Control of Three-Port Converter Interfaced Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Autonomous DC Microgrids


DC microgrids (MGs) include exceptionally favorable circumstances of coordinating sustainable power sources and loads with DC coupling. Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the task execution of a dc MG in both consistent and transient states, in this project a hybrid energy storage system  (HESS) interfaced by a three-port converter (TPC) is considered. Especially, a battery and an ultra-capacitor (UC), which frame the HESS, are associated at the source side of the TPC, separately. Going for a stage moving controlled full-connect separated TPC, notwithstanding ordinary hang control circle, a recurrence division-based control strategy is proposed to accomplish sane power sharing between the battery and UC.

Because of the qualities of TPC, virtual inductance and virtual capacitance circles are actualized utilizing the info streams at the battery and UC ports. The recurrence division between the battery and UC in the HESS is quantitatively investigated by utilizing the recurrence space little flag examination considering the qualities of intensity trade in the stage moving controlled TPC. A recreation demonstrate worked in MATLAB/Simulink and a model contained a battery, a UC, a programmable dc load, and helper parts are actualized to approve the proposed TPC-interfaced HESS under various activity situations.

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