ASP Project On Defect Tracking And Problem Reporting Using


This is the universe of data. The regularly developing field Information Technology has its numerous propelled outstanding highlights which made it what it was currently today. In this world, the data must be handled, unmistakably circulated and should be proficiently reachable to the end clients proposed for that. Something else we know it prompt terrible circumstances. The other coin of the same stage is it is completely important to know any bugs that are here to looked by the end clients.

The undertaking “Defect Tracking and Reporting System” expects to give the answer for that. The Defect Tracker can be produced using any two sorts. The first being the framework side, the other being the administrations side. Our undertaking bargains with the second one. The paper is entirely committed to following the bugs that are here by emerge. The manager keeps up the ace subtle elements as to the bugs id , bugs write, bugs portrayal, bugs seriousness, bugs status, client subtle elements. The head too has the expert to refresh the ace points of interest of seriousness level , status level, and so on, modules of the paper. The executive includes the clients also, dole out them duty of finishing the paper.

At last on breaking down the paper doled out to the specific client, the manager can track the bugs, and it is naturally added to the tables containing the bugs , by request of seriousness and status. The manager can know the data in propriety the different paper’s alloted to different clients, their bug following status, their portrayal and so forth as reports occasionally. The paper entirely utilizes the safe method for following the framework by actualizing what’s more, joining the Server side scripting. The overseer would now be able to include the venture modules, venture depictions and so on. He as well includes the seriousness level, its status and so forth. The entire excellence of the paper is its abnormal state and easy to understand interface which imply that is the all around based Bug Tracker which helps in following the entire framework by giving the effective revealing framework. The Bug Tracker can be further by broke down and assist applicable and brisk choices can be taken.


The issue in the more seasoned framework can be characterized as the entire venture support, clients upkeep and their task must be looked after physically. The Software improvement organizations need to confront a considerable measure of issues while keeping up physically all the support of the tasks, their bugs and their status. This kind of issue makes the entire framework a wasteful one and therefore making a poor and chaotic working. With a specific end goal to expel this sort of issue, So that the paper is intended to create.  Bug following programming is a “Defect System” or a set of contents which keep up a database of issue reports. Bug following programming permits people or gatherings of engineers to monitor extraordinary bugs in the item successfully. Bug following programming can track bugs and changes, speak with individuals, submit and audit fixes, and oversee quality confirmation. This electronic business application is an incredible device for relegating and following issues and assignments amid programming improvement and whatever other activities that include groups of two or on the other hand more individuals.


Processor : Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory : 40GB

Slam : 1GB


Front End : ASP.Net

Back End : Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System : Windows XP


Edge work : Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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