Combining Data Owner-Side and Cloud-Side Access Control for Encrypted Cloud Storage

ABSTRACT: Individuals embrace the extraordinary intensity of distributed computing, yet can’t completely believe the cloud suppliers to have protection delicate information, because of the nonappearance of client to-cloud controllability. To guarantee classification, information proprietors redistribute scrambled information rather than plaintexts. To impart the scrambled documents to different clients, ciphertext-strategy trait based encryption (CP-ABE) can be […]


An Arduino-based subsystem for controlling UAVs through GSM

ABSTRACT: Long separation and past sight of view correspondence between a ground control station and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is fundamentally accomplished utilizing high-gain reception apparatuses, acquiring wire trackers or satellites. These executions request costly, overwhelming and not effortlessly conveyed gear, while much of the time can’t give an adequate correspondence run. The current […]