Online Salon and Spa Booking System ASP.NET

The salon management system is a web-based salon management application with appointment scheduling functionality. A good way to find out what is happening within a salon is to look at the customer reviews mainly the complaints and how these are dealt with. If there is no log of complaint procedures, it becomes difficult for customers to know more about the salon. It means that the salon isn’t keeping a close eye on the complaint, not dealing with team members who are having the complaints, but also not creating best practice from it. In this salon booking system,

user can review salons and stylist online and can book an appointment online. In this system, the user can register and get logged onto the website. They can select the nearby salon, and also can check for the services. Users can view various beauty related products and purchase. In this spa booking system, users have the flexibility to choose the beautician and book the appointments on their desired time and date. Payment can be done online; they can also check for the appointments and the consultants. Users can put their feedback.

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