Frog Asynchronous Graph Processing on GPU with Hybrid Coloring Model

Abstract: GPUs have been progressively used to quicken chart preparing for muddled computational issues with respect to diagram hypothesis. Numerous parallel diagram calculations receive the offbeat processing model to quicken the iterative union. Shockingly, the predictable nonconcurrent figuring requires locking or nuclear activities, prompting huge punishments/overheads when actualized on GPUs. Accordingly, the shading calculation is […]


Complementary Aspect-Based Opinion Mining

Abstract: Angle based feeling mining is finding elaborate assessments towards a subject, for example, an item or an occasion. With the dangerous development of stubborn messages on the Web, mining viewpoint level conclusions have turned into a promising means for online popular feeling investigation. Specifically, the blast of different kinds of online media gives assorted […]


Cleaning Antipatterns in an SQL Query Log

Abstract: Today, numerous logical informational collections are available to people in general. For their administrators, it is imperative to realize what the clients are keen on. In this paper, we think about the issue of extricating and breaking down examples from the inquiry log of a database. We center around outline blunders (antipatterns), which normally […]


Embedded Project on Fastest Finger Press Quiz Buzzer

ABSTRACT: The fundamental goal of this project is to develop a fastest finger-first quick buzzer system that can be utilized to perceive the member who presses the signal fastest and first among all in a group of peoples in a test quiz competition by the test computation sensor (D-flip-flounder). This circuit incorporates 8 numbers of […]