Embedded Project on Home Automation Using Digital Control


The goal of this project is to develop a home automation system that can be controlled remotely utilizing a landline connection. The home automation is a one of the most emerging trends in modernization of home appliances control. Presently, convensional wall switches are situated in various parts of the house and one needs to physically go close them and press them to turn the loads on/off. It turns out to be very troublesome for the elderly or physically handicapped peoples to do so.

This system is designed to give control of home appliances through landline by dialing the assigned number for the specific load. Dialing should be possible from the home telephone or a call made to the home number from outside. This framework is planned without engaging in a programmable microcontroller however depends on advanced rationale utilizing DTMF innovation (Dual Tone numerous recurrence) which gets the charge from the landline telephone to create digital output.

This digitial signal is additionally prepared to actuate switching mechanism through relay driver to turn on/off the loads/appliances. It can be utilized to switch appliances from anywhere, overcoming the restricted scope of other infrared and radio frequency type controls. This proposed system gives another course to the development of home automation.

The concept of this system can be extented out in future by giving an acknowledgement message to the client by system on the status of loads by utilizing GSM modem.

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