Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play


Fraudulent behaviors in Google Play, the most prominent Android application advertise, fuel seek rank mishandle and malware expansion. To recognize malware, past work has concentrated on application executable and authorization investigation. In this paper, we present Fair Play, a novel system that finds and use follows left behind by fraudsters, to identify both malware and applications subjected to seek rank misrepresentation.

Reasonable Play corresponds survey exercises and remarkably joins identified audit relations with phonetic and social signs gathered from Google Play application information (87K applications, 2.9M audits, and 2.4M analysts, gathered over a large portion of a year), so as to distinguish suspicious applications. Reasonable Play accomplishes more than 95% precision in ordering best quality level datasets of malware, fake and honest to goodness applications.

We demonstrate that 75% of the distinguished malware applications take part in look rank misrepresentation. Reasonable Play finds many deceitful applications that at present dodge Google Bouncer’s location innovation. Reasonable Play likewise helped the revelation of more than 1,000reviews, detailed for 193 applications, that uncover another kind of “coercive” audit battle: clients are bugged into composing positive surveys and introduce and audit different applications.

DOWNLOAD: Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play

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