Power generation from Agricultural pump water discharge pressure


A water turbine is a rotating motor that takes vitality from moving water. Water turbines were created in the nineteenth century and were broadly utilized for modern power preceding electrical frameworks.

Scope objective

Presently they are for the most part utilized for electric power age. They tackle a spotless and sustainable power source.


Our undertaking, for the most part, amassed in to utilize the water compel which is discharged from the horticultural and residential pump to run this turbine adequately. The yield water drive from farming and the household water pump is provided as a contribution to this turbine.

Streaming water is coordinated on to the sharp edges of a turbine sprinter, making a power on the cutting edges. Since the printer is turning, the power demonstrations through a separation (compel acting through a separation is the meaning of work). Along these lines, vitality is exchanged from the water stream to the turbine.

Expected Outcome

 Highly practical

 The pressure of water utilized as a part of the valuable way

 Greenhouse gas outflows

Download: domestic hydropower plant

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