Embedded Project on Theft Intimation of Vehicle Over SMS to Owner Who Can Stop the Engine Remotely


The objective of this project is to utilize wireless technology to intimate the proprietor of the vehicle about any unauthorized entry. This is done by sending an auto-produced SMS to the proprietor. An additional favorable position of this undertaking is that the proprietor can send back the SMS which will disable the ignition of the vehicle.

As the crime rate is going up, a security framework for vehicles is greatly essential. In this proposed framework if some tries to steal the car, the microcontroller gets an interrupt through a switch mechanism associated with the framework and commands the GSM modem to send an SMS.

The proprietor gets the SMS that his car is stolen. He would then be able to send back a SMS to the GSM modem to ‘stop the motor’. The GSM modem interfaced to the microcontroller, gets the message, the output of which enacts an instrument that debilitates the start of the vehicle bringing about ceasing the vehicle. The task utilizes a lamp to indicating the motor ON/OFF condition.

Therefore, proprietor of the vehicle from anywhere can trun off ignition of his car. This project can be additionally upgraded by incorporating a GPS framework, which will give correct position of the vehicle as far as its scope and longitude. Facilitate this information can be sent to the proprietor by means of SMS who can enter this incentive on Google maps to get the correct area of the vehicle

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